Thanksgiving and The “F” Word

Why I LOVE Thanksgiving, let me count the ways….or at least take you through my f-ing reasons.


Not to toot my own horn, but I’m a pretty good cook. However, when it comes to my mom, there really is no comparison. What that woman does to produce this heavenly creation called a Sweet Potato Pie, oh my goodness. The thing that kills me though is that she could have this recipe like G-14 Classified in a heartbeat, but instead she has shared it with many people, including me. Unfortunately, we are all just missing something because nobody has yet to replicate this masterpiece. Moms has the 411 for real. So in addition to all of the other artery clogging, heart pumping, sugar level raising, get the plunger out dishes that makeup a Thanksgiving Feast in my family, the main thing I’m checking for is mom’s pie.

Fraternity Punch

If my family were to get together for one of those everybody say cheese, family photo day at Sears joints, I swear the world would be so confused. None of us really look alike. Different heights, complexions, noses, smiles, ashy elbows, just different. So what’s our one commonality? One word for you: Everclear. If you don’t know what this is, yeah, ummm…..reevaluate your life. If you do know about Everclear, then you know that this will make one helluva batch of fraternity punch. Add some fruit and let it “simmer” for a couple days like we do and you’ve got yourself a party. Good times, good times!


So what exactly do non-football fans (read losers…joking, kinda) watch on t.v. on Thanksgiving? No, seriously?  I mean the NFL has pretty much created an eating schedule for me: 12:30- Green Bay vs. Detroit, 4:15, Miami vs. Dallas, and 8:20- San Francisco vs. Baltimore. What more can you ask for. Non-football fans, you’re missing out. Personally, I can’t wait for the 49ers vs. Ravens game. San Fran has been cutting up on the field this year, but Ray Rice has saved my life…or at least my fantasy football life. So where’s my cheese, 305 stand up, and lets get it B-More! (That means I’m rooting for Green Bay, Miami, an Baltimore for those that just don’t understand.)

Filthy Mouths

We’re a family of potty mouth trash talkers. Lets see…we’re eating & drinking all day while watching football…Come On Man! Next.

Funny Moves

Everybody that grew up in a competitive family (see Varsity Blues) please raise your hand. I swear, put more than three of us together and some sort of competition arises…bid whist, scrabble, dominos, monopoly, buttery nipple shots, push ups, whatever. Recently we’ve added the MJ Experience and Dance Dance Revolution to the family reindeer games and our competitive spirits are about to have a heart attack. Spotted, members of this family practicing at all hours of the day, myself included. Lets just say that I own “Don’t Stop Til’ You Get Enough”.

So there it is, my why I love Thanksgiving story. Of all the things that I mentioned, the common denominator is family. Enjoy your family even if they make you crazy.

Happy Thanksgiving!

3 Women & That sisters & brother


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