The Social Network Event

You’ve Got Mail —-> Facebook Me

Who knew (besides Mark Zuckerberg) that social media was going to be so hot?

Last night, I had the pleasure (and pain…lol) of producing The Social Network Event for our client, Red Copper Events, as part of Digital Capital Week at Shadow Room for 300+ social media enthusiasts, small business owners, and a select few attendees that didn’t have a Facebook or Twitter profile…yikes! The idea behind this event was to offer alternative networking. So instead of just going to a happy hour stacked with business cards, at this event you’d meet a contact, scan their QR code with your smartphone, and instantly connect with their friends, fans, followers, & connections withing their social media networks. Well, let’s just say that people aren’t all too keen on sharing their social media connects, hence why there are still only a select few people actually using LinkedIn for the connection gold it really is. I don’t know; this is an area I’ll work on for the next one.

Next, we played on the fact that most people, regardless of what they may say, love to have their picture taken. We decided to make taking your picture an experience…provide a cool backdrop with funny sayings on them and a dedicated photographer to take your picture (not your friend that’s had a couple drinks) and you have yourself a party. Needless to say, the attendees loved this. We offered the option of having the photo emailed or uploaded to your Facebook page.

The other event features included video interviews with attendees about their business and social media dealings and twitter decks for people to…wait for it, wait for it…tweet. I learned two very important things from this: 1) people may like to have their picture taken, but they are super shy when it comes to the video; 2) we really are a society of germaphobes…people are more comfortable tweeting on their own mobile device. Cool for me, Cooties for you!

All in all, I think the event was a success and it is something that my client would like to have produced on a monthly basis starting in 2012. $$$!!! Having free Absolut SF samplings again won’t hurt either…I’m just saying.

Thanks to our other sponsors Hatton Designs, AT&T, Focus Fran Photography and Todd Parola Photography.

Well that’s my wrap up. Enjoy the pics!


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