…Lets Change Clothes…for Event Managers anyway

In interviews this week for an assistant position, I was asked by one of the candidates what’s the one thing that I would change about being an Event Manager. Then she insisted that I not think (read: over think) the question and to just say the first thing that popped into my head. Now my fellow tomboy planners will probably cringe after reading this, but I actually said the clothes. I know, I know…

Let me explain…

There’s this unwritten rule for Event Managers when it comes to our dress…BLACK! Don’t get me wrong,  I love the little black dress just as much as the next girl, but for every event? Come on! There has to be some give. Here we are, a few days from Halloween with the oranges, greens, browns, & reds everywhere and its clear in the fashion. So we’ve been planning these great events for the Fall months, envisioning the ladies showing out in their beautiful colors. Then there’s the Event Managers in their black dresses (that probably have had too many wears), doing what, fading to the background.

Well I’ve decided to join in the fun at my events this Fall. I’m going to be just as fly as the guests!!! I’ve allotted some “business funds” and am ready to get some Funky Fresh Fall Fashion. Here’s a couple things from my “feeling sassy trusty go to, Ms. Monif C.” that have tickled my fancy. Enjoy!

*Disclaimer, by no means are any of the events I was referring to Weddings. Better believe that no one shines but my bride on her day!

Monif C. Miranda Draped Jersey Gown

Monif C. Marilyn Ruched Dress

Monif C. Samantha Sequin Dress

Monif C. Emme Ponte Knit Dress

Monif C. Charlotte Velvet & Lace Dress


One thought on “…Lets Change Clothes…for Event Managers anyway

  1. Good for you! I think most personal service professionals (i.e. event planners, stylists, makeup artists, etc.) are taught to dress in all black. It works for me b/c most of my wardrobe is black anyway, but there’s nothing saying that you shouldn’t be able to break the mold now and again.

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