City Life Launch Party

Last night I have the privilege of going to the City Life
Launch Party. I say privilege because I didn’t feel well and my Zicam cold
remedy was kicking in. The party was from 5pm to 8:30 I got to Blackbyrd around
6:30. I had never been to Blackbyrd, so I was impressed when I stepped in. It
is right next door to Marvin and ran by the same management. Blackbyrd reminds
me of a speakeasy, it is awesome. Nice and open, and decorated nicely. The
launch was upstairs, and there were love seats for lounging and bar stools for
sitting (obviously). I refrained from drinking even though I was offered a
drink from a friend of a friend. I wanted a scotch badly; I figured it could be
my hot toddy. Enough about me and my germs, back to the launch.

The crowd was late 20’s early 30’s and hip. I am no
longer early 30’s, but I digress. The music was mid 90’s hip hop provided by DJ
2-Tone Jones. So what is City Life, you know I’m never sure what things are…as
a reviewer I have to get better at this. City Life is a social savings network.
Per City Life: Helping
brands and businesses to better connect to our community members while at the
same allowing our community members to better connect with each other about
those great deals and promotions.

was also a camera man there asking guests about the party and City Life. Of course
I hopped on the mic to add my 2 cents. The launch was a great look and I’m glad
I was well enough to go!

go to and sign
up and see what all the hub bub is for yourself!


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